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Create your own website for personal blogging, letter sharing and private journaling.

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The story of your life

All your writing in one place: public posts like a normal blog, shared letters that only friends can see and a private journal just for you.

Your own website

PostOwl is Open-source. Self host for free. Hosted version coming soon, sign up for the Newsletter to hear when it's ready.

No admin panel

Edit in-place. When you've experienced how fast and easy it is, there's no going back to bloated CMS's or static site generators with build steps.

For the long term

All your content is in a single SQLite database. Easy to backup and readable long into the future.

Fast and efficient ⚡️

We use SvelteKit and SQLite for near instant page loads. You can host with 'scale to zero' to save electricity when your site is quiet.

And more...

RSS Feeds, Search, Email notifications. More features to come. Have an idea? Join the discussion.

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